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Are you tired of using plain masking or duct tape to seal packages shipped from your company? If so, we have the perfect products for you. Printed Tapes is a top manufacturer and importer of custom pressure-sensitive tapes and strong adhesives. We offer a wide range of products that deliver convenient, cost-effective packing solutions. Our manufacturing company sells affordable sticky tapes and adhesives to distributors and other clients in the United States and Canada, and has been doing so for 34 years.

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Effectively Advertise & Market Goods

Printed tape is an efficient, general advertising tool that highlights your company, product, or message from the time your package leaves your facility until it reaches its intended destination. It can instantly identify the contents of the package to ensure proper handling and storage as it passes through supply lines and logistics facilities.

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Protect Products During Transport

By using tamper proof verbiage, you'll help reduce pilferage by warning the receiver not to accept any goods where the seal has been has been broken or manipulated. Printed tape with specific instructions such as "KEEP FROZEN," "FRAGILE," "RUSH," "WARNING" aids handlers by telling them how to properly handle your product during transport.

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Identify & Track Packages

When you use our printed tape, you'll makes packages easier to identify internally for couriers, freight forwarders, and in third-party logistics facilities. It's also a great for tracing lost shipments. Printed tape leaves a nice impression with your customers by showing them that you have taken the proper steps to ensure their desired merchandise has been protected and made easily identifiable.

Market your company and brand with personalized adhesive tapes.

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